Ceramicoat Limited

About Us


The origins of Ceramicoat were in the mid 1950s with the advent of epoxy resins in the United Kingdom.

The first major project undertaken was the application of Ceramicoat to the walls and ceilings of the new build (1958) factory for J.S. Fry & Sons (chocolate manufacturers), in Somerdale, Bristol. The Ceramicoat is still giving excellent service in the factory to date.

Ceramicoat products and services have been used successfully on more than 12,000 projects in 55 countries based on manufacturing and installation skills since 1956.

Present Day

Industrial & Marine Coatings Limited has all the benefits of the latest “state of the art” technology and manufacturing techniques developed from years of experience in this field of manufacturing and contracting.

IMC now manufacture specialist coatings for application to almost any surface, providing durable, decorative and continuous finishes with excellent chemical resistance and the ability to withstand hard wear.

Ceramicoat products meet all environmental requirements of modern times, all products are either water dispersed or solvent free. Today’s Ceramicoat is proof that performance can be achieved without sacrificing environmental benefits.

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