Ceramicoat Limited

Acoustic Correction & Decorative

Ceramicoat Acoustic is a spray applied material which is equally effective on tunnel segments of either expanded cast iron, steel or concrete. The main feature is that it is a surfacing material which has a number of natural channels or interstices, which sound energy dissipates through as heat. Ceramicoat Acoustic surfacing also has a number of enclosed air cells and will therefore react to natural driving frequencies and provide high coefficients of absorption. Absorption coefficients increase progressively through the frequency range in which noise problems are encountered.

Another important feature of the material is that it is hard when set and there is no danger of dusting occurring to the surface. Ceramicoat Acoustic offers fire protection of up to 4 hours and because the material is cellular in structure it can cope with water seepage through the lining. When it is set Ceramicoat Acoustic is not affected by extremes of weather conditions and will remain in place in wet conditions.

Ceramicoat Acoustic material does not contain asbestos or any fibres. The composition of inorganic materials of exfoliated vermiculite and cement gives Ceramicoat Acoustic its physical stability and inertness and gives high resistance to fire together with sound absorbing, thermal insulation and anti-condensation properties. Ceramicoat Acoustic does not give off any smoke or toxic gases in a fire situation.

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