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Fire Protection

Fire Protection

We have a proven track record in the application of Fire Protective Systems on the vast majority of Petrochemical and Chemical process Installations.

This experience, together with our continuous development of application methods is your assurance that, today, we represent the most effective and economical means of providing reliable fire protection to load-bearing steel structures, storage spheres, vessels and skirts.

Ceramicoat Cementitous Sprayed Fire Protection

Tests in the UK, Germany, USA, France and Holland showed Ceramicoat C.S.F.P. to be:
– Completely able to fulfil its role in fire protection.
– Easily applied in various environmental conditions.
– Durable and easily maintained and repaired.
– Cost effective for the risk involved.

Our experience enables us to produce tailor-made specifications and provide full technical support through every stage of design and construction.

Our long term association with the petrochemical and chemical process industries has enabled us to design and develop systems engineered to provide long term passive fire protection to storage vessels and spheres.

After testing various products we have found that Ceramicoat C.S.F.P. offers unparalleled, reliable low maintenance fire protection for tunnels, structural steel, storage vessels and spheres.

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