Ceramicoat Limited

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Industrial & Marine Coatings Ltd

Manufactures and installs a full range of coatings for every industry, suitable for application to concrete, granolithic and metal substrates. All coatings are either solvent free or water based and as such produce no odour or noxious fumes during application. All coatings provide excellent resistance to various chemicals; they also have good resistance to impact and abrasion. The coatings are available in a wide range of RAL colours, in various finishes.

Ceramicoat GmbH

Represented in mainland Europe the IMC Group is able to provide a quick response approach to any project, large or small, and to all major applications whether it be coating of a tunnel, fire protection, acoustic correction, or just decorative finishes, IMC operates in all major European countries.

IMC also uses monolithic coatings based on exfoliated vermiculite and portland cement which is spray applied to the surfaces of tunnel linings and walls, and soffits of buildings to provide an acoustic treatment. Application of Ceramicoat Acoustic and Fire Protectionon to railway and metro tunnel linings will reduce the noise inside the railcars by up to 10 decibels providing a more comfortable environment for passengers. The coating is suitable for application in places such as airports, rail stations, offices and public buildings.

The IMC Group represents more than 50 years experience in the manufacture, supply and installation of fire protective and specialist coatings for the tunnelling and construction industries. Our in-house specialist contracts team can provide a full supply and installation service to support the complete product range using its experience in both materials and application.

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